Prime Rib
200 g4 oz420 kcal

Beef Broccoli Cooked with carrots Onions zucchini

Burrata Salad
230 g5 oz420 kcal

Broccoli Cooked with carrots Onions zucchini

Jumbo Lump Crabcake
250 g6 oz420 kcal

Bergkäse Fried onions Heritage potato Red pepper

Caprese Salad
200 g6 oz420 kcal

Eggplant Fresh mozzarella cheese Fresh salmon Tomatoes

Warm Apple Strudel
300 g5 oz420 kcal

Baked in flaky pastry Cassia cinnamon Fresh thyme Granny smith apples

Beef Tenderloin
240 g4 oz100 kcal

Beef tenderloin Black pepper Fresh thyme Garlic

Cheese Burger
240 g4 oz420 kcal

Bergkäse Crispy bacon Eggplant Fried onions Red pepper

Jumbo Lump Crabcake
420 g2 oz420 kcal

Cassia cinnamon Fresh rosemary Heritage potato Red pepper

Red Bouillabaise
250 g5 oz420 kcal

Bouillabaise Eggplant Granny smith apples Onions zucchini

Carrot Cake
280 g4 oz320 kcal

Black pepper Cassia cinnamon Cooked with carrots zucchini